HDMI cable scam used to fool in-store customers?

We'll be straight with you -- we aren't inclined to believe that this is even remotely close to factual, but considering the lengths big box retailers will go to in order to make sure you leave with a totally overpriced cable or two in your bag, we suppose it's not outside the realm of possibility. Reportedly, GizmoRepublic walked into an unspecified "big box store" and went to check out a display touting the superiority of Monster cabling. Upon further inspection, he realized that the difference in picture quality wasn't due to the gold-plating or fancy braiding, but rather the use of composite cables on the non-Monster TV. Of course, there are photos of the scene posted in the read link, but even still, we've got our reservations about the whole thing. Regardless of what happened in one particular store in one particular setup, one thing's still quite clear: there's simply no need to waste your hard-earned dollars paying for fancy packaging.