locoGPS hacks into the iPhone barrio

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Thomas Ricker
December 17, 2007 10:45 AM
locoGPS hacks into the iPhone barrio image
locoGPS hacks into the iPhone barrio image

O sweet jeebus, could it be? Why yes, that's the "stylish plastic enclosure" promised for the partfoundry GPS module iPhone hack. At least, it's the first rendered appearance. Initially peeped over at Engadget Mobile on Friday, the newly named locoGPS module requires a Jail Broken iPhone to work. A new video shows the SiRF Star III chip doing its positional thing in support of Google Maps. The $89 hack remains on track for a February 2008 release -- you know, around the time when the official SDK launches and presumably... hopefully, an official iPhone GPS module is announced. Video after the break.
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