Lorebook describes things older and fouler than orcs

Another Lorebook entry has been featured on the official Lord of the Rings Onlinewebsite. This time we get to learn a bit about the Rogmul -- a monster found in high-level encounters.

While Turbine has worked hard to stay as faithful to Tolkien's literature as is practical, they've had to extrapolate a few new things from the texts to fill up the game world. For example; the Neeker-Beekers of the Midgewater Marshes are based on an odd sound described in one one line from the books.

The Rogmul are also a Turbine invention. They're lesser demons that serve the Balrogs. "Wherever a Balrog is or once was," says the Lorebook, "it can be wagered that a Romgul or two is not far away."