More details on the Palm Treo 800w uncovered?

According to some dedicated -- and, might we add, thorough -- Palm fans, it looks like we've gotten a few more bits of data about the (rumored) forthcoming Treo 800w. If you believe the data, FCC documents detailing emails between Palm and the agency reveal the code names and corresponding FCC IDs of four phones... including one we've never heard of with "co-locating WiFi and radio." Hear that? There's no current (or announced) Palm phone with WiFi, so this device, referred to as the "Zeppelin" in the .pdf could likely be the upcoming new phone that folks have been speculating on lately. The document also makes reference to a "Centro 685," which is another clue in this mystery, a variant of the Centro (690 is the official Palm "number" of the Sprint version) which might be headed out on AT&T. Only time, and Palm, will tell if this thing becomes a reality -- c'mon dudes, give us something.

[Thanks, Greg D.]