Aigo rolls out Patriot P882 PMP

Aigo's certainly no stranger to nondescript PMPs, and it now looks to found room for one more in its increasingly crowded lineup, with its new Patriot P882 offer plenty of the usual features in a package that's sure to stand out. Unfortunately, this one stands out for all the wrong reasons, as it apparently measures over an inch thick. On the upside, you will get a fairly hefty 80GB of storage, along with a "high-resolution" 4.3-inch touchscreen, A/V in and out ports, and a 2300 mAH battery that promises four hours of continuous video playback or 16 hours of music, not to mention support for just about every file format one could want. If for some reason you're interest is still piqued, the device's price will most certainly have you looking elsewhere, with it setting you back 3,999 yuan (or about $540).

[Via PMP Today]