Blade Runner HD DVD box set gets reviewed

Blade Runner fanatics have been waiting for this five-disc collector's edition for a long, long time, and thankfully, the wait is finally over. 'Course, we're fairly confident the BR faithful will be snapping this one up regardless, but for those sitting squarely on the fence, BlogCritics has went ahead and given the HD DVD set a once over. Irrespective of your opinion on the actual storyline, the scenery throughout the film was said to be "stunning," and moreover, it reportedly exhibits "one of the greatest restoration jobs you'll ever see." Granted, only the latest cut of the movie was so "lovingly redone," so we're warned to prepare for subpar quality when viewing the theatrical cut and workprint version. On the audio side, the Dolby TrueHD mix managed to impress, and while the package is chock-full of extras, it should be noted that two of the five discs (holding the three-hour documentary and an array of featurettes) are actually standard DVDs. All in all, this one sounds like a surefire winner for fans of the original, but make sure you give the full review a glance before deciding either way.