Philips DTV converter boxes get approved, pictured

Up until now, we've heard a whole lot about what these things will do, where you can eventually pick one up and how to apply for your government-issued coupon, but outside of a stray Zenith, we really haven't seen what many DTV converter boxes will actually look like. Now, Philips has announced that three of its digital-to-analog converters have been approved by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), and the trio will be sold under the Magnavox / Philco brand names. Reportedly, the Magnavox TB-100MW9 (pictured above), Philco TB-100HH9 and Philco TB-150HH9 (pictured after the jump) will be "available through large retail stores beginning in early 2008" for those in need, and yes, your handy coupon will indeed apply to any of the (admittedly unsightly) three.