The winners of the Guild Wars RAWR Cup

Last month we discussed the first GuildCafe / Guild Wars joint event: the RAWR Cup PvP Tournament. Things apparently went quite well, and the official Guild Wars site has a rundown on the big winners for each division.

In all, 72 guilds registered online for the RAWR Cup. This included 18 teams in the Dragon Division, 21 teams in Phoenix, and 33 teams in Titan. Competing teams ranged from the number one team on the guild ladder, Delta Formation [DF], to several teams outside the 10,000 rank level ... The Dragon Division featured two European guilds, Esoteric Warriors [EW] and Whats Going On [sup] fighting on Imperial Isle ... Nearly the entire match was fought at the flag stand, with occasional pushes on flag runners as they came down their respective ramps to capture the stand ... [sup] took several deaths after VoD but eventually recovered, only to give up the first morale boost of the game just after 23 minutes. At this point [sup] could no longer withstand the pressure and eventually succumbed, making [EW] the Dragon Division winner.

Most exciting to me personally is the fact that the event had fascinating play-by-play commentary on the Uberguilds network.

Scotty of [rawr] and Roxianna from GuildCafe hosted a live show on the day of the tournament, with several others helping out. During the Swiss Qualifying Rounds, Scotty and Roxianna watched matches as they came up on Observer Mode, addressing comments posted by players in IRC and observer chat, while also providing commentary on the match being observed.

This kind of collaborative experience is fascinating, and if the inclusion of third parties into official tournaments will result in more events like this it's hard to see the downside.