GP2X-community system dubbed Pandora?

The tips have been flowing in hot and heavy on this one, so we felt it only fair to pass along the latest rumblings in the world of GP2X to you. We first got word that a new emulation monster could be coming from the GP2X community back in September, and if late breaking mockups and specification lists are to be believed, that system is indeed Pandora. Notably, the product seen above is purported to feature a keyboard (obviously), 4.3-inch 800 x 480 resolution touchscreen and built-in WiFi (802.11b/g) -- all inclusions that were previously mentioned -- along with an ARM Cortex A8 CPU, OpenGL ES 2.0-compliant 3D hardware, dual SDHC expansion slots, TV output and USB connectivity. Unfortunately, we know nothing more than that at the moment, as dates / pricing still remain a mystery, but if Pandora does prove to be more than a figment of someone's imagination, we're betting it'll be worth the wait.

Update: Looks like the price is set at around $320, while the release should happen in March or April.

[Thanks, Stern and Craig]
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