Metareview: NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams (Wii)

Remember how everyone was excited about the idea of a new NiGHTS game just a half year ago? Well, let's go back to that happy place for one second before reality crashes down around us. NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams ended up as we feared following our hands-on at Tokyo Games Show. From reading various reviews there's a lot of pity inflation in the scores stemming from reviewer's happy childhood memories. The great return of a beloved franchise NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams is not, but maybe another sequel will get it right -- you know, if people actually buy this third-party Wii title.

  • Games Radar (80/100): "NiGHTS really soars when it's in the air, maintaining the essence of the original game. Some of the crappier additions send it into a bit of a nose dive, but overall the game rights itself with its bold originality and a unique charm that's unlike anything else out there."

  • 1UP (70/100): "For serious NiGHTS fans, Journey offers a bittersweet reunion that reminds us of what was so singularly special about Sega's airborne dreamweaver. Unfortunately, attempting to evolve the formula creates a host of new problems and issues that ultimately diminish the game's overall appeal. That said, this still represents one of the finest original third-party games available for Wii, and younger players will find a lot to love in this gameplay-rich adventure."

  • IGN (65/100): "So after waiting over a decade for a new NiGHTS experience, what's the final verdict? Personally, we'd rather have seen this one stay a nostalgic piece of gaming history, as Journey of Dreams isn't exactly the spectacular homecoming we were hoping for as huge fans of the original Saturn classic. The control is too stiff, odd design choices will have players repeating full levels rather than incorporating a simple checkpoint system which would have saved both progress and sanity alike, and there's a huge amount of emphasis put on non-NiGHTS gameplay, having players control the human children in very unrewarding sections, and incorporating sloppy alternate gameplay rather than just focusing on what made the original so captivating in the first place."