DIY head-tracker takes Wiimote hacking to dizzying new heights

DIY virtuoso Johnny Chung Lee has already more than proven himself with his Wiimote whiteboard and finger-tracking hacks (to say nothing of the famous $14 steadycam), but he now looks to have vaulted himself into a whole new league with his latest project, which uses a Wiimote for a full-on VR head-tracking system. As with his other recent hacks, the Wiimote and a sensor bar substitute swap their usual positions, with a pair of IR-equipped safety glasses stylishly getting the job done in this case. Toss in some custom-made software (available at the link below) and you've got a setup that's sure to make anyone's jaw drop. Whatever you do, be sure to hit up the video after the break (and watch 'till the end), as the image above certainly doesn't do it justice.

[Via Hack a Day]