Microsoft still working on DirecTV for Media Center

DirecTV Viiv

Windows Media Center fans have been dreaming of having access to DirecTV's programming for at least two years, and just when we think both companies have let the idea fade away, we get new clues that it might actually happen. According to a recent job posting, Microsoft is looking for a qualified individual to help it develop "premium TV experiences from world class satellite TV network operators" with experience in pay-per-view, H.264 and in-band programming data. Currently, Media Center uses the internet to obtain its programming data, but just like the DirecTiVo before it, Media Center looks to get the information via satellite from DirecTV. Mostly, we're just happy that both companies are (apparently) still working to make this happen, but having access to PPV is just icing on the cake and a new experience for Media Center fans.

[Via Chris Lanier's Blog]