Wii Sports no substitute for actual exercise

Although we've seen some interesting uses of the Wii for rehab and exercise -- and even seen some positive results -- a new study says that so-called "active" gaming is really no more active than simply sitting around. The research -- funded by Nintendo's UK marketing division, ironically enough -- compared the calories burned by five gamers playing Wii Sports Boxing, Tennis, and Bowling to the calories burned by the same group simply sitting around playing Project Gotham 3 on the 360. Although Wii Sports definitely burned more calories, it wasn't very significant: an increase of "less than two percent," according to the report. Of course, that doesn't mean that other active games like DDR or even a vigorous Rock Band drumming sesh won't burn more calories -- so don't give up your gaming-fitness dreams just yet.

[Via Ars Technica; Image courtesy of Nick Cueva]