Nokia Siemens completes LTE field trial, 173Mbps worth of success

So-called Long Term Evolution -- GSM's chosen warpath for the next generation of data networks -- has been getting its groove on in labs for some time now, so Nokia Siemens decided it was high time to kick things up a notch by taking it out into the wild. The wireless infrastructure joint venture deployed an LTE base station in Berlin on the nascent 2.6GHz band and sent cars equipped with test equipment as far as one kilometer away to check performance, and put simply, the results were good: 173Mbps good, in the best cases. Of course, commercial deployment of LTE is still years away -- Nokia Siemens makes a point of listing 2010 as the target right in its press release -- but it's good to hear that things are coming along swimmingly, and we're sure Verizon would agree.

[Via PhoneMag and Ubergizmo]