Crapgadget: "Sonwy" PMP, baguette wrist rest, ramen timer, more

It's only been a week since you all awarded the Tole Pure 2008's first Medal of Crapcellence, but a swarm of upstart challengers has already begun attacking the crown. Take 'em in below -- but don't get too close, you've still got to use those eyes in the morning.

Read - Sonwy PMP: like.several.others. [Via PMP Today]
Read - Ramen timer: When eating ramen for dinner just isn't lazy enough.
Read - Joybuzzer PSP and iPod knockoffs: If this actually works you probably needed new friends anyway.
Read - Baguette wrist rest: You'll live that dream someday, codemonkey. Now get back to work.
Read - 10.4-inch multi-display: This is essentially the leftovers of a busy day at the factory, isn't it? [Via PMP Today]