E-Lead Electronic's "Noahpad" UMPC

If you think the market for small, white, Linux-based UMPCs is overcrowded, you're wrong. Dead wrong. Enter the Taiwanese-made E-Lead Electronic "Noahpad" PC, a tiny little laptop which the company affectionately refers to as a "classmate, roommate, and travelmate." The system is based on a 1GHz Via Eden CPU, has 512MB of RAM, a 30GB hard drive, a touch-based (rather than tactile) keyboard, and a 7-inch LED-backlit display. The Noahpad comes default with Ubuntu 7.10 installed, though the device is apparently capable of running XP as well -- if you just have to. Among the more interesting aspects of the unit are its unique split keyboard (which appears to be where the "Noahpad" touch input is put into action) and flipping / folding hinge design, that -- according to the company's promotional material -- will allow you to use the system in all sorts of bizarre ways (see above). The UMPC is set to be unveiled at CES this January, but for now you can hit the via and read links for more info.

[Via Pocketables]