The Lord of the Rings year in review

Dwarven Kinship Halls

The TenTonHammer website has up a massive Year in Review piece on Lord of the Rings Online. Though the game was only released back in April, there have been several huge content updates. A bevy of new features, quests, mechanical systems, and even raid encounters have fleshed out the already-impressive world of Middle Earth.

Article author Martuk walks us through Chapter 9, Chapter 10, and Chapter 11 of the game, noting each new bullet point in Turbine's licensed-game coup. He ends by noting the high spirit and cheering promises that Turbine has made for next year. As the gameworld continues to grow, it's easy to see the dedication to quality the live development team has. It'll be interesting to see what another year of live service will mean for the community, for the game, and for all the players wondering just down that road a ways.