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Sony announces line of Digital Media Port accessories


While we're not sure if the "Digital Media Port" on Sony's new line of A/V receivers is anything more than a glorified USB port, it looks like it won't be left unused for long, with the company wasting no time in announcing a range of accessories that'll take advantage of it. Likely to attract the most attention is the $100 TDM-IP1 iPod dock (pictured above), which isn't the first iPod-happy device we've seen from Sony, but is still a rare enough occurrence to make us to a double-take. Rounding out the line-up is the $80 TDM-BT1 Bluetooth audio adapter (check it out after the break), the $200 TDM-NC1 WiFi network audio adapter for streaming music from your PC, and the sure-to-be-best-seller TDM-NW1 Network Walkman cradle, which will set you back $50. Look for the Bluetooth and Network Walkman accessories to be the first to roll out in March, with the iPod dock following in May, and the WiFi adapter bringing up the rear in June.

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