SuddenLink drops Austin, Texas NBC affiliate (KXAN-TV)

For SuddenLink subscribers in the Austin, Texas area, we certainly hope you've got a spare antenna laying around. As of today, KXAN-TV (the Austin NBC affiliate) will no longer be carried on its cable system, and in case you haven't already guessed the reason, here's the long and short of it: cash. Apparently, LIN TV (KXAN's owner) and SuddenLink have not been able to agree on the station's fair market value, and rather than just taking what's offered, it has decided to simply pull away from the operator. It was noted that LIN TV had successfully reached agreements with other cable operators, telephone companies and satellite providers, and its president and GM suggested that SuddenLink subscribers view the channel in SD or HD via "alternative means, such as an antenna or by switching to a satellite service." Of course, it seems that negotiations will continue, but there's no way to know when (or if) the station will reappear on SuddenLink's lineup.