Is this the ultraportable MacBook? (Answer: probably not)

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|01.02.08

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Well kids, it was bound to happen. With Macworld speeding our direction, and all the exciting, unfounded, and wildly hopeful Apple rumors we've been hearing as of late, a doctored (or not doctored) picture was bound to crop up. Well, here you have it -- a rendering, real or otherwise, of the supposed (yet not in any way confirmed) ultraportable MacBook we've been hearing about. It goes without saying that this image is totally unverifiable and probably fake, especially taking into consideration that the point of origin is the first (and only) post of an unknown contributor to the MacRumors forum. As evidenced by the photo, the thin-as-hell MacBook has no optical drive and sports an extra wide trackpad and button, which makes the whole thing look pretty goofy. We're not going to let the fact that this prototype user also seems to be reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons further shake our confidence -- though it's hard to get below zero. Inspect the picture above and draw your own conclusions.

[Thanks, stem]
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