Derailing the Apple touchscreen UMPC fantasy

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|12.27.07

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So, if you've been paying any attention to tech news over the past few days, you have probably seen an Apple UMPC rumor floating around. The cats behind these latest whisperings seem to be super-duper whizzes with Photoshop and possess pretty active imaginations. Apparently, when they heard that people were speculating on a new type of touchscreen Apple device, they decided to whip up a couple of specs, the not-so-tasty image above, and a dust cloud of hype based off of a post made on a personal -- yet largely unread -- Apple news blog. It seems to have worked, save for one small problem: there isn't one verifiable or reliable piece of information in the whole thing. Maybe Steve Jobs will see the mock-up and decide to make this thing for real so we can all get a sweet new device -- but really just so the rumor-starters in question won't be proven wrong.
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