Ultra-portable Apple laptop rumored to be landing at Macworld Expo

We've certainly heard this rumor before but, according to the folks AppleInsider, it looks like we could now be fast approaching an actual debut of the oft-discussed ultra-portable Apple laptop. If they're right, the system (which is said to be a 13-incher) will be introduced at the Macworld Expo in January and, as previously speculated, it apparently won't boast an internal optical disc drive. That, along with some desirable NAND flash storage, will supposedly make the system about 50 percent lighter han Apple's current 15-inch MacBook Pro, not to mention "strikingly slimmer". As AppleInisder points out, those changes should also help to make the system considerably more power-efficient, with an LED-backlit display also helping on that front. Of course, this is all still up in the air for the time being, but at least this rumor has a definitive expiry date we can look forward to.