Motorola's DH01 DVB-H mobile TV with 4.3-inch screen, DVR

Motorola's really nerding out about DVB-H here, but if you look past all the tech speak, it turns out Motorola is prepping an actual product to support its mobile TV efforts. The DH01 sounds pretty much exactly like one of those South Korean portable digital TVs, only this one's silicon runs red white and blue. That's right, 2008 means mobile TV is finally going to come into its own in the States, and the DH01 isn't a bad way to kick off the year. The unit sports a 4.3-inch screen, displays video at 25fps, can record TV to and play various media from SD cards, and lasts four hours in the battery department. Maybe not the most exciting of beginnings, but if Korea's product cycle here is any indication, we'll have a lot more of these to choose from before the year is up -- that is, if cellphones don't win out in this space altogether.