Wolfking's Warrior Xxtreme gets reviewed

Are you ready for a blast of the obvious? If so, head on down to the read link and take a look at Extreme Tech's review of the Warrior Xxtreme. Wolfking's latest gamepad is obviously aiming at a smallish niche, and while it proved to be quite the device to have while gaming, it's not exactly the easiest thing to pound out a dissertation on. 'Course, we sincerely hope you didn't expect anything other than precisely those results, and it should be noted that Wolfking did a swell job of catering to righties and southpaws alike. Overall, we've serious doubts that touch-typists will be keen on swapping out their ergonomic split 'board for this thing, but hunt-and-peckers that spend the majority of their time in WoW raids may find lots to love.