Lenovo's prepping its first MID?

We're expecting to see MIDs aplenty (Mobile Internet Devices, a smaller cousin of the UMPC) at this year's CES, but we didn't know Lenovo would be getting in on the action. The Chinese company is most closely identified with the business-friendly ThinkPad line it bought from IBM, at least in the States, so the shiny device spotted in this video represents a bit of a departure for them. As depicted in the video after the break, the device has what looks to be an odd sort of numeric keypad. There's also a built-in accelerometer to sense orientation, and we can only hope a slide-out keyboard hidden underneath. UMPC Portal conjectures that the unit is running an Adobe AIR app to give it that flashy interface, but it certainly looks like the everything is awaiting a little bit of polish. We'll obviously be keeping a close eye on Lenovo for this one next week.

[Via UMPC Portal]