Polk Audio's SurroundBar 360 DVD Theater gets official

Remember that soundbar from Polk Audio we spotted last year? We certainly hope you've been saving those pennies if you instantly considered yourself in the market for one, because Polk's mighty proud of it. Debuting officially at CES, the SurroundBar 360 DVD Theater is a two-piece surround sound system that includes a single "multi-channel loudspeaker" alongside a separate console that houses a DVD / CD player, SDA (Stereo Dimension Array) signal-processing amplifier, AM / FM radio and a host of inputs. 'Course, whether or not you'll really feel immersed by sound is debatable, but at least you can look forward to 1080i DVD upconversion, an HDMI output and a gaping hole (known in this example as $1,199.95) in Sir Wallet.

[Via WidescreenReview]