Casio gets official with the EX-F1 60fps prosumer camera / camcorder

We'd already seen prototypes of Casio's crazy 60fps 6 megapixel prosumer camera / camcorder hybrid, but the company is making it official at CES -- say hello to the EX-F1. There's been a couple changes spec-wise since we got our hands on one of these bad boys at IFA: while the 60fps burst still shooting and 300fps VGA video modes remain, video's been bumped to H.264 and there are several more shooting options, including 30fps 1080i / 720p and 1200fps at a tiny 336x96 resolution. Of course, all these tweaks pale beside the biggest change of them all -- Casio's now actually willing to take your $999 and ship one to you. Check out a couple more beauty shots after the break.