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FAA warns of Boeing 787 hacker vulnerability

Boeing's still in the final stages of production on its 787 Dreamliner mid-sized jet, but the FAA has already spotted what looks to be a serious security vulnerability in the plane's IT infrastructure. Apparently the computers that provide the 787's passenger area with in-flight internet access and other amenities are physically networked with the main plane computers, including control, navigation and communication systems, which could theoretically provide a path for a hacker to screw with the plane, and even go as far as take full control of the 787. Boeing says that it's aware of the issue and is prepping a solution that will be tested shortly, but we're not sure what sort of "solution" can beat separating the two systems entirely -- which seems like what should've been done in the first place. Boeing has more than 800 advance orders for the plane, and should start delivering in November of 2008, but the FAA is requiring that the company demonstrate a fix for this issue before the planes hit the skies.