Live from Toshiba's CES press conference

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Richard Lawler
January 6th, 2008
Live from Toshiba's CES press conference

10:00 - a.m. - We're here, the HD DVD players and TVs under covers are on stage.

10:07 - Ladies and gentlemen please take your seats

10:10 - Director of Corporate Communications just took the stage - Next up: Jodi Sally to "address" their HD DVD business, but first, President & CEO Mr. Ozaka

10:12 - Great success for Regza LCDs and HD DVD, strong Q4 sales for HD DVD - Really, it says so on the slide.

10:13 - "Very surprised by Warner announcement about HD DVD...etc", basically the same as the press release issued earlier.

10:15 - Jodi Sally is on stage "It's been a tough day for me (laughs)".

10:16 - "Only HD DVD has deliver on its commitments to the market, bringing advanced functionality and affordability"

"We've been declared dead before...unit sales in Q4 were the best to date. Nearly 1 million dedicated HD DVD players are in the market" "HD DVD has always put the interests of consumers ahead of companies"

10:18 - "Thanks for your continued support", a slide of all the awards HD DVD has gotten in the past year -- and that's it.

10:20 - On to the HDTVs - a slide of Regza's awards from the past year.

10:21 - The death of the RPTV, as presented by bar graph. "Flat panel TV is 81% of the TV business and growing fast"

10:22 - Stats showing consumers choosing LCD over plasma even at higher prices. Guess people don't care about little things like contrast ratio.

10:24 - Targeting 10% market share in LCD 32-inch and above in 2008.

10:25 - 1. Black is the new black, 2. 1080p is the new 720p. 3. 120Hz is the new 1080p. 4. No value over $3k --- The HDTV facts according to Toshiba

10:27 - All new models with DynaLight - adjustable from 7 - 10 times the panel's contrast level, up from 5x last year

10:28 - AV500 series - 19 - 42-inch LCDs, all shipping in spring. Pixel Pure fourth-gen system provides 16,384 levels of gradation with 10 bit displays

10:31 - New Video Bypass circutiry on all Regza models improves by 48ms response time on 120hz models - no gaming mode necessary. Bezels slimmed to 1.5-inch at the most. 1080p available as small as 32-inch in the RV530 series. Replaces HL167

10:34 - Motion Vector 120Hz. New feature - 5:5 film pulldown mode. split screen 60/120Hz processing for comparison.

10:34 - New XV540 flagship model 42-, 46-, 52 -inch models get new color processing, 108% of NTSC color. Hits in spring

10:35 - XF550 Cinema Series in 42- 46- and 52-inch models with DynaLight Super Contrast for superior black levels.

10:35 moving to fall/spring product introductions

10:37 - Talking about the power of Cell chip to do super SD2HD upconversion. Claims it makes SD look like HD. ( Somehow we doubt that)

10:42 - Annnnd we're out, no Q&A (We had some interesting questions to ask about HD DVD)
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