Netgear launches ReadyNAS Duo storage lineup

Netgear is beefing up its NAS options with the new ReadyNAS Duo Gigabit lineup, featuring dual SATA drives and shipping in 500GB (RND2150), 750GB (RND2175) and 1TB (RND2110) capacities. In addition to traditional NAS duties and gigabit Ethernet connections, the drives can automatically pull images off of your camera when you plug it in via USB, and the drives include built-in support for BitTorrent as well. Netgear has adopted some of Apple's networking technology, Bonjour and AFP, to make it easier to monitor and access the drives, but the Duos still operate just as well with Windows machines. Netgear is also launching the ReadyNAS Duo 2-Bay Gigabit, which packs in more traditional server features like HTTP/S remote access, FTP, SSL and ACL security, an iTunes server, UPnP AV and Logitech Squeezecenter. The dual SATA drive bays are hot-swappable and can be managed with hardware accelerated X-RAID. No word on price, but most of these drives should be out in Q1 2008.