Philips SHE9850 and SHE9800 wired headphones: "intelligent" ear-matching

Sure, it's hard to make headphones sound interesting in a press release, but Philips is really gunning hard today -- the SHE9850 and SHE9800 "premium metal" in-ear phones "intelligently adjust" to your ear based on "detailed research into the anatomy of ears." All this, in a $79 pair of buds. Of course, you'll have to move up to the $99 SHE9850s (pictured) which Philips -- in all seriousness -- says are "so perfectly matched to ears that they provide an unparalleled level of comfort." Of course, you're still on your own to figure out which of the four included silicon and foam ear pieces fit your ears best -- which probably has more to do with in-ear sound quality than anything -- but once you do, you'll be ready for "the ultimate in music enjoyment." If you think you can handle it, there's a pic of the 9800s after the break.