Pioneer's Project Kuro: The 9mm thick, infinite contrast 50-inch plasma HDTV

You've seen it during our liveblog, now have at in product shots. Having successfully acquired countless awards, Pioneer's Kuro line is now aiming to take being the thinnest, blackest flat panel on the market to a whole new level. Today it unveiled "Project Kuro", a 50-inch plasma that it says is capable of displaying absolute black, while also measuring a minuscule 9mm (0.35-inches) thick. Besides making Hitachi's Ultra Thin 1.5-inch thick plasma appear obese, the promise of an infinite contrast ratio would represent a holy grail of PQ. This HDTV that can perfectly mimic a piece of art hanging on the wall, is definitely not going on sale in 2008. Check out the rest of the pictures of this HDTV after the break, this is the closest you'll get to perfection for a while.