Samsung announces slew of upconverting DVD players, recorders

Can't get enough of Samsung's new gear? Good, because there's plenty more where that came from. Next up on the docket is a half dozen DVD players and recorders, so without further ado, let's check out the DVD-F1080 ($99.99). This "ultra-compact" unit provides 1080p upconversion, HDMI-CEC, progressive scan playback and support for multimedia files including DivX, MP3, WMA and MPEG4. The DVD-HD1080P8 ($89.99) serves up the exact same features as the aforementioned F1080, but does so while residing in a slightly larger chassis. Moving on, we've got the über-slim (14.2-inches wide) DVD-P180 ($49.99), which upscales DVDs to 720p / 1080i, rocks an HDMI-CEC port and also plays nice with DivX. For the rest of the gang, we suggest you head on past the break.

Next in line is the DVD-R175 ($149.99), the first of the bunch to support 1080p DVD upscaling and feature DVD recording. Aside from boasting an EZ Record (read: one-touch) function and providing a front DV input, this unit records to practically every writable DVD out there and touts HDMI 1.3 with CEC, commercial advance / time slip and component pass-throughs. Amazingly enough, the next two units take us back to a simpler time in life, one where VHS players were ubiquitous and the next format war was simply a pipe dream. The DVD-V9800 ($99.99) does indeed rock a dual-format (DVD / VHS) design, but somehow manages to include a totally modern HDMI port as well as 1080p DVD upconversion. As for the DVD-VR375 ($179.99), it combines the recording functionality of the DVD-R175 with the vintage appeal of the DVD-V9800, resulting in a upscaling DVD / VHS player than also stores content to blank DVDs. You can catch the whole lot (or just the one you're eying) this April.