Samsung reveals PN58A750T, PN42A450P and PN50A550S plasma lineups


Already shrugged off those swank new Samsung LCD HDTVs? If you're more the plasma type, rest assured, Sammy's got your number, too. Up first is the 1080p PN58A750T lineup (available in 50- and 63-inch sizes), which sports the same interactivity features and Ethernet port as seen on the LN52A750R, but adds a 15,000:1 contrast ratio and an ACE2 algorithm that reportedly "improves image quality by reducing false image contours and on-screen noise." Additionally, there are four HDMI 1.3 ports with CEC, USB 2.0 / RS-232C sockets and the firm's own Ultra FilterBright 2, meant to ensure a clear picture even when surrounded by loads of ambient light. Head on past the break for details on the other two lineups.


Up next is the 42- / 50-inch PN42A450P, which is being hailed as the "world's first 3D-ready flat-panel HDTV." Aside from playing nice with an elusive 3D accessory kit (imagination running wild yet?), this one also sports a 15,000:1 contrast ratio, 18-bit color processing and a trio of HDMI-CEC connections. Lastly, we've got the 50 / 58-inch PN50A550S, which boasts a 1080p resolution, Ultra FilterBright technology, 15,000:1 contrast ratio, three HDMI-CEC sockets, USB 2.0 / RS-232C connections and the same 18-bit processing engine as mentioned above. As with the LCDs, we're not told how much we'll have to save up in order to claim one of these as our own, but considering that they'll be on show floors by March, we'd suggest saving hastily.