Sony's new mylo hands-on

If you're a mylo fan, you're pretty stoked right now. We're doing our best to refrain from calling this thing the mylo 2 (namely because it's just the new "mylo," official designation COM-2 mylo), but we did get to kick the tires on it, and it's pretty clear how huge an improvement the new model really is. Unfortunately, that's not saying a whole lot, given the state of the original mylo -- but the new one? Really not so bad. Granted, the crisp, high res touchscreen wasn't quite sensitive enough for our taste, and it didn't really seem intended for use with a stylus, and most of the big new features we tested (RSS / podcast aggregation, YouTube playback, browsing heavy sites like Engadget, etc.) worked, but were pretty sluggish. For our money, between the two we'd say pick up an N810, but if you're down with the mylo this is a formidable upgrade.