Vizio's new Evolution Series LCD HDTVs

There aren't many industries more fun to follow then LCDs, not only do they get better and better every year, but they get cheaper and cheaper too. Now the number onetwo HDTV producer in the US has a whole new line that ranges from a 22-inch and goes all the way up to 52-inches -- and everything in between. Unlike most of the Vizio line, the Evolution series has a flat black finish and includes a 6-foot HDMI cable and the sought after "Deluxe Size Cleaning Cloth." The 42-inch, 47-inch and 52-inch models have four HDMI inputs on the back -- the rest of the line has two -- and are 1080p. The 32-inch and 37-inch are 720p, and curiously the 22-inch has a resolution of 1680x1050, which probably makes it a good candidate to pull double duty as a computer display. The prices and availability varies, but the entire line will be available at a warehouse near you in 2008.

  • VO22L $459.99 March '08

  • VO32L $699.99 March '08

  • VO37L $899.99 March '08

  • VO42LF $1,299.99 April '08

  • VO47LF $1,799.99 Jan. '08

  • VO52LF $2,499.99 July '08

[Update: Seems the VO47LF may retail for $1,599.99 instead of $1,799.99, but the press release and Vizio website contain conflicting prices.]