VUDU XL: $999 for a bit more space

Granted, we did just ask you how you'd tweak the VUDU, but we're fairly certain none of you would recommend over doubling the price. Nevertheless, VUDU is apparently hoping that folks not quite ready to pull the trigger on its original set-top-box will be totally enthused about dropping a cool grand on the XL. Apparently, this one sports a fair bit more internal space (1TB to be exact) -- enough to hold 500 SD movies. If you're wondering if any films other than the Bourne trilogy will be available to take advantage of all this new space, VUDU is apparently aiming to unleash 70 of 'em later this month. Oh, and those high-definition films will run you $5.99 (new titles) / $3.99 ("HD classics) to rent, but hey, what's that after you've laid down $999 for the box itself?

[Image courtesy of VUDU]
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