Bang & Olufsen's new BeoVision products bring high design, high prices

Bang & Olufsen returns with new BeoVision products, a BeoVision 8 32-inch LCD and two BeoVision 4 plasmas. The BeoVision 8's comes with an innovative design and integrated center channel speaker that enhances speech. Of course, this 720p LCD comes with an "entry level" MSRP of $3,950. The BeoVision 4 plasmas take PQ to the next step by including an Automatic Color Management system consisting of a mechanical arm monitoring the degradation of each individual plasma cell and adjusts color temperature automatically. This is on top of B&O's Automatic Picture Control, an optical sensor that monitors light conditions within the room and adjusts the HDTV as needed. The matching BeoLab 10 center channel speaker promises its triangular shape makes every seat in the house a sweet spot, but with plasma prices at $13,500 for a 65-inch, $7,500 for a 50-inch and $4,000 for the speaker, you'll probably never buy one, so take a good look after the break.