Comcast, Panasonic showing off portable DVR

Admit it -- you've got a continual backlog in your DVR that you never get through. Welcome to the downside of massive storage. Until someone invents a longer day, Comcast and Panasonic are making it so that you never have to be parted from your content as a stopgap measure. The Comcast AnyPlay Portable DVR does normal duty as your home HD DVR. But presto-change-o, the P-DVR can be removed from its dock and strapped to the AnyPlay P-DVR TZ-LC100, allowing you to view your content on a 8.5-inch LCD (not HD, it's safe to say). The module also gives you 60GB of recording room for filling up on the go. If this is just what you've been waiting for, say thanks to the now officially renamed tru2way.