Intel's mobile Penryn processors for laptops live

No surprises here, as we've been expecting Penryn to roll today. Thing is, we thought they'd at least wait until the press conference scheduled a bit later this morning. Nevertheless, they're here. Intel's powerful, energy efficient, 45-nm Penryn processors for laptops. The 16 new processors brings Intel's Penryn family to 32 in total. Among the sweet new 16, only 5 are heading to our beloved portables. The press release doesn't get into specifics about CPU models, prices, or clock speeds. However, we're pretty sure we've got the details on those already. Expect more in the next hours after the Intel presser kicks off.

Update: A Toshiba press release just confirmed the new T8100 and T9300 processors in select X205, U305, and QOSMIO G45 laptops. That's 2 CPUs down, 3 to go.