TabletKiosk eo i7300 gets sneak peeked

According to the folks over at TabletPC2, the image above is a sneak peek of the forthcoming TabletKiosk eo i7300, which will purportedly rock a 7-inch display (1,024 x 600 resolution), a "fully ruggedized" chassis and "a number of enhancements" to the Sahara Slate PC and eo v7110. Reportedly, the base unit will include an Intel Menlow processor, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, a 60GB hard drive, 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, a biometric fingerprint reader and a 4-cell battery to boot. For a look at the possible configurations along with a few more pics, go on and give the read link a visit.

[Via TabletPCTalk]