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Vonage kicks off MyVonage strategy, intros V-Portal

Vonage kicks off MyVonage strategy, intros V-Portal
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|January 7, 2008 12:13 PM
Yeah, we did actually wonder if Vonage would be around to chat about as 2009 rang in, but apparently, the firm is gearing up to make the comeback of the year (or something). Announced today, the outfit is kicking off its (admittedly unclear) MyVonage product strategy with the introduction of the V-Portal -- a "digital voice adapter and single port router with a built-in LCD." Reportedly, the screen can be used for "caller ID, timing calls, call logging, easy access to Vonage service numbers and for displaying the date and time," and while we're not sure what the future holds (particularly with this company), it is aiming to kick out even more Vonage-branded wares as time goes on. Also of note, it's busting out the first iteration of Contact Book, which is being hailed as a "one-stop communication hub" for users. As for pricing, the elusive V-Portal will be available on Wednesday to new customers for $9.99 after a $70 rebate, and if you're interested in more details on all of this, head on down to the read link,
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