iriver's CES teaser site fleshes out Lplayer, Spinn

Last time we were talking about these two, iriver was a bit short on images, which is pretty much criminal given the kind of design going into these PMPs. Iriver's ongoing teaser site has now been updated with a bevy of Spinn images, plus the first Lplayer shots we've seen anywhere. All we really picked up from the Spinn shots is that it'll be available in pure white or brush metal, but the Lplayer shots solved a couple mysteries. It looks like iriver is positioning the Lplayer as a sort of Clix mini, with a 2-inch display surrounded by almost zero bezel, and that same D*Click interface. Iriver looks to be further stressing the simplicity of the device with an ultra-minimal interface, but is spicing things up a little with a color selection of white, purple, brown and cyan. Check out the gallery below of all the sexiness.

[Thanks, alsyl]