Microsoft unleashes the Origami Experience 2.0

We're not really sure you can call a new home screen and app launcher an "experience," but considering the point of a UMPC is to run bog-standard Windows, we suppose Microsoft has to take what it can get. The Origami Experience 2.0 consists of three elements as of right now: Origami Central, a revamped browser / media interface / RSS reader, another centralized home app called Origami Now (pictured) which drops in weather, email, and to-do widgets as well as an RSS reader, and, uh, Picture Password, which replaces the traditional password with a cartoon puzzle. Yep. Apparently there's more, but the Origami team hasn't posted more on its blog -- but you know we'll try and pry some more deets out of them on the CES show floor tomorrow.

[Via jkkmobile]