More details about Alienware's awesome curved DLP display

We must have impressed Alienware's reps with our super-elite Crysis skills this evening, because it only took a little prodding for them to give up some more details on that awesome curved DLP display:

  • It's definitely coming out in the second half of the year, but the model we've been seeing is just a late engineering prototype -- everything from the internals to the casing is probably going to change.

  • There are four LED-backlit DLP projectors inside, which explains the lines in the image above, but the final version will show a seamless image.

  • It's going to be an Alienware product, but it was developed by an ODM called Ostendotech.

  • There's definitely some heavy-duty image-processing going on to make the images appear correctly -- the Ostendotech guy called it "the secret sauce" -- but most games will support it with very little effort, apparently.

  • The ideal viewing position is directly in the middle at about two feet away. That's when the image seamlessly appears to wrap all the way around you, and it's just as sweet as you'd expect.

  • Pricing information is still infuriatingly non-specific: the best we got was "more than a 17-inch flat panel and less than a Kia." Thanks, guys.