Rumour: Fox to include iTunes files with DVDs starting 15th Jan

We heard a while back that Apple and the movie studios were in negotiations over movie rentals, and there were mentions of iPod compatible movie files being shipped with DVDs. Of course, to be able to legitimately import DVDs (without resorting to Handbrake) has been a pipe dream for consumers. But not for much longer, it would appear -- that is, if you're a buyer of a particular Fox TV animated series on DVD.

Tipster Stewart sent us a note saying he'd received a Family Guy (Blue Harvest) DVD ahead of the January 15th release (coincidence?) and that an iPod-compatible version, branded as a "Fox Digital Copy file," was included on the disc. The only downside was that the disc "requires iTunes version 7.6." We were both sceptical and interested, naturally, and he was gracious enough to send over two shots of the offending article, possibly lifting the lid on some of the iTunes news we can expect next Tuesday.

Check the shots out after the jump, keeping your eyes peeled for the (over-zealous) "serial number" that appears to be required to access this digital copy as with existing Fox titles.

Thanks Stewart!