Transformers Unlockables: 500 MS points gets it all

Big news everyone! Big news! The Xbox Live Marketplace has just been graced with brand new Transformers: The Game DLC called Transformers Unlockables. And guess what? You're going to love this, it's nothing more than a cheat code download that unlocks all the game's bonus items and upgrades. Double guess what? The content costs 500 Microsoft points, which is sweetness to the fifth power! ... end sarcasm.

You know, we'd expect this type of paid cheat code content from EA (since they have a rather lengthy track record for doing it), but funny thing is that Transformers: The Game is published by ... Activision. We guess since they've reach EA's publishing scale post Vivendi merger they've also decided to adopt EA's XBLM business strategies. Bad Acti, go to your room and think about what you're doing. You're grounded!