Bose goes wireless with Bluetooth kit for QuietComfort 3

Bose already has a wired attachment for its QuietComfort 3 noise canceling headphones, but unsightly wires aren't really befitting a mobile warrior in the 21st century, now are they? Thanks to the FCC's loose lips we know that Bose is patching up that little indiscretion with the QuietComfort 3 Bluetooth Communications Kit that simply replaces the last mile of the kit between the module and the phone with a Bluetooth connection. Of course, that still leaves a cable running from the module up to the cans, which sticks you with a grand total of two distinct wires coming off your head -- not to mention a healthy sized boom running down to your piehole. We'd have preferred they worked on making this end wireless instead, but hey, what can you do? No word on pricing or a release date yet, since the FCC really isn't into that level of detail.

Update: Our bad, it turns out Bose routes the music audio through the same cable as the phone audio, so you end up just a little less silly looking than we'd originally thought. Thanks, Jason!