Sony Pictures Television to bring downloadable shows via DivX

Sony Pictures Television has just announced a deal to release "secure" and "high quality" downloads in DivX format for all DivX certified machines. The PS3 is the only gaming console to be DivX certified (Xbox 360 is not DivX certified).

"This milestone agreement lays the foundation for Sony to offer high quality video content in the DivX format to its retail partners for playback on next-generation DivX Certified devices," said Kevin Hell, CEO of DivX, Inc. "Consumers want the flexibility and choice to enjoy high-quality video content from a range of retailers across a variety of devices. We are very pleased Sony Pictures Television recognizes the value of the DivX digital media solution and look forward to working together to offer a great experience to consumers."

Some shows that could possibly make the jump include Blood +, The Boondocks, Damages, Days of our Lives, Rescue Me, The Shield, and more. For a complete listing of SPT's offerings, click here.

[Via Engadget HD]