Hands-on with Imagion AG's dynamicHD HD DVD & Blu-ray technology

Tucked away in the HD DVD booth, Imagion AG -- creators of the first HD DVD with internet connectivity, the first European HD DVD and the first Blu-ray Profile 1.1 release -- was showing off its end to end tools for creating next gen interactive features. Despite being a Blu-ray exclusive movie in the U.S., Imagion is working on the Terminator 2: Ultimate HD Edition release for Europe, which will let fans view the script and/or storyboard during playback, share special edits of the movie via the internet, and track their interactive Blu-ray and HD DVDs via, powered by their dynamicHD tech. With simplified access for publishers to update online features through a web interface and community features connect fans, Imagion is continuing to push the edges of next gen disc formats. Check out the gallery for a look at what tomorrow's HDi and BD Live discs can do.